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Why study in Canada: top 10 reasons

admin November 16, 2022
Updated 2022/11/16 at 4:58 PM
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If you are looking for an international destination to continue your education and launch your career, look no further. Here are the top 10 reasons to answer the question: why study in Canada?

1) Why study in Canada? 

Other study destinations either don’t let international students work at all, or may only let them work in certain fields or locations. Not Canada. As a student in Canada, you can earn as you learn, allowing you to pay your way through university or college all while obtaining crucial work experience — that’s why this is among the top reasons to study in Canada.

2) Lower tuition fees

Yes, as an international student you will still pay more than Canadians for the same course, but that same course in another country, such as the United States, Australia or United Kingdom, would likely cost even more. Also, see point #1 above – not only are you paying less in Canada, you’re also earning.

3) You will receive a quality education

Among all the other reasons why to study in Canada, let’s not lose sight of the basics: Canadian colleges and universities turn out incredibly talented graduates. These well-funded, internationally-renowned institutions attract top professors and offer courses tailored to a changing economy. You will finish your course even smarter than you are right now (difficult to believe, but it’s true

4) You can enter the Canadian workforce

Other countries, such as the US and UK, could, rather than turfing out recent international graduates or making it extremely difficult for them to stay.

5) You can immigrate to Canada

Speaking of permanent residence, what is that anyway? Well, it’s the right to live and work in Canada, while enjoying public health and social benefits, forever. And as an international student or graduate, Canada wants you. Canada’s Express Entry immigration system offers bonus points to people with Canadian study and work experience (by now you have both), with further emphasis on your language skills (which you have developed over the years), and your age (you probably have a few decades of your career left to go, unless you retire early, which, given you have a Canadian education, is entirely possible). And if Express Entry doesn’t work out, Canada’s provinces also offer routes to permanent residence through their Provincial Nominee Programs.

6) You can bring your family

Let’s take a step back. We’ve gone way ahead, beyond your graduation and all the way to obtaining permanent residence. Here’s a perk and one of the main reasons to study in Canada right now: you can bring your spouse or common-law partner with you on an open work permit, and your kids, if you have them, will be able to go to one of Canada’s public elementary or secondary schools without needing their own study permit.

7) You can travel

We’ve got six time zones, piles of snow, miles of sandy beach, diverse cities and a lot more for you to get through.

8) You can become a Canadian

Not only has Canada made it easy for students to work after graduation, and made it easier for graduates and workers to transition to permanent residence — now it’s even easier for those with PR to become Canadian citizens. This final step of joining the Canadian family allows you to come and go as you please without renewing your PR, allows you to vote, allows you to obtain a Canadian passport



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